"On this golden land they wait and play, 'til the Rainbow Bridge they cross one day."

Zeppy - My Soulmate

Zeppy – My Soulmate

My cheeky Sun Conure showed me every day that even the smallest of creatures can take up the biggest space in your heart.

Remembering the day he came into my life always makes me smile. He was placed by the man into a wine box, snuggled into an old towel. When I got into the passenger seat of the car I opened the lid and saw the ugliest, yet most cute and innocent little face staring back at me, with a beak too big for his head, resembling nothing of the beautiful bird he would grow into. I remember thinking “what have I gotten myself into?”

Living with Zeppy was a constant learning curve. He taught me so much about true animal care and the amount of time, energy and love a human SHOULD be willing to put into this little life you chose to be apart of your own. We grew and we learnt together and became incredibly bonded.

Waking up with the sun to sweet little mutterings and “kiss kiss”noises became my routine, and continued to be for 8yrs. He taught me patience (like next level patience because he was so cheeky), he made me laugh every day, and he was the one constant through some pretty tough moments.

My favorite memories are of cool, sunny mornings, watching him out on a tree or shrub in the garden, licking the dew off the leaves, stretching his wings and chatting away to me, happily clicking his little tongue and being as close to free as a domesticated bird could be. Watching him fly and return to my call, landing with a thud and seeing the wild excitement in his eyes brought me so much joy.
Our car trips where he would sing along to Taylor Swift, our lazy Sunday snuggles on the couch, watching him shred the packaging of some new toy I got him instead of actually playing with the toy!

I often just observed him playing or eating with complete adoration, taking mental snapshots, thinking how truly lucky I was to have him and hoping he in some way felt the same.

After some health issues for about a year, I finally had to make the hardest decision of my life and say goodbye to Zeppelin in December 2020. The pain was like nothing else and still hurts my heart.

My most favorite hello and my very very hardest goodbye – I miss you every single day Zeppy Zoo ❤️

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