"On this golden land they wait and play, 'til the Rainbow Bridge they cross one day."

Darling Millie

Darling Millie

Millie was a senior dog at the pound who needed a safe home. She weighed a mere .9 kg when found, starving and with just one tooth. Her estimated age was 11 years old.

We were fortunate enough to be chosen to adopt her. Millie soon doubled her weight to 1.8 kg. Still tiny, but with the heart of a lion. Millie ruled the roost! She would make our larger dog take the tiny bed, so she could take up the whole big bed!

Millie was with us from 30 October 2014 until she passed of congestive heart failure on 22 January 2017. Not nearly long enough. We miss her every day.

People say Millie was lucky to be able to come live the rest of her life with us… but I know that we were the lucky ones to have her grace our lives with her love and joy.

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Michael Dixon Sent a Rose in Remembrance of Darling Millie

Millie was an absolute delight, and a treasured member of the family. RIP Beautiful Millie…