"On this golden land they wait and play, 'til the Rainbow Bridge they cross one day."

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Of all the many animals I’ve loved in my life, Sparky was undisputedly the most special. I called him my “soul animal”, because our bond was so deep and so profound. The hole in my heart after his passing is equally deep, and the sadness equally profound. We rescued Sparky when he was just 3 …



Our beautiful 30-year-old Jerusalem donkey, Bartholomew, passed away completely unexpectedly. His passing marked a significant change at The Animal Sanctuary, because Bartholomew (with his mother and cousin) were our very first residents at The Animal Sanctuary in 2002. He is the last of that donkey family to pass, and the longest ever resident of our …


Loving Lily

Lily came to me via a phone call from a friend, who knew of a cat that needed safe harbour. She had spent the first 6 years of her life as a breeding Queen, confined mostly to a cage. One of her front legs had been broken. The person who purchased her from the breeder …

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Zeppy – My Soulmate

My cheeky Sun Conure showed me every day that even the smallest of creatures can take up the biggest space in your heart. Remembering the day he came into my life always makes me smile. He was placed by the man into a wine box, snuggled into an old towel. When I got into the …

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Darling Millie

Millie was a senior dog at the pound who needed a safe home. She weighed a mere .9 kg when found, starving and with just one tooth. Her estimated age was 11 years old. We were fortunate enough to be chosen to adopt her. Millie soon doubled her weight to 1.8 kg. Still tiny, but …

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